Event Details

1 Hour


Minimum 15

Taster Flight + Appetizers

Boost Employee Morale

Discover Mead

The Mead Camp is an experience that is truly one of a kind. Bring your clients, associates, friends to our taproom in Oceanside, and enjoy an immersive experience in the age old world of Mead. In this 1 hour program, we will take you on a journey through history, across cultures and continents, and finally circle back right here, to our very own Southern California. Our head brewer will moderate the session and help you tune your senses to identify the subtle aromas of our meads. Our in-house chef will supplement your experience with crafted appetizers to accompany the mead you will be tasting.

On Program

The Story Of Mead – 20 Min

Mead Production – 20 Min

Mead Appreciation – 20 Min

Mead & Food Pairing