About Us

A merry band of mead makers

We are leading the revival of mead making in Southern California. We use local, organic, and high quality honeys, natural spring water, various organic fruits, spices, herbs and hops to ferment this magical alcoholic beverage. We hope to light up your life and help regenerate the earth with mead. All our mead is handcrafted in sunny California with love, dedication and passion.

Tasting 10,000 Flowers

    • The bees have to visit 10,000 flowers to make the honey for one sip of our mead.
    • Flowering plants absorb sunshine, water, and carbon dioxide as they produce clean oxygen and sweet nectar, enticing the bees to help them reproduce and sing “The Song of Increase”.
  • This process is fundamental for life as we know it. Each sip of our mead is a celebration of the interconnectedness of the plant, animal, celestial and human worlds.

Pollinating the World

  • We could not make mead without bees. We love bees. We hope to help them thrive with our efforts.
  • Honey bees help produce 1/3 of all the food we eat, helping to pollinate most fruits, nuts, cotton and even coffee. Every morning worker bees search out the sweetest nectar in an effort to spread the love life of plants throughout the world. We are constantly working to improve the well being of all bees, beekeepers, the natural lands, and the farmland they work and forage. We want the entire process of our business to act on this similar vibration of love, respect and abundance.
  • Our native pollinators, honey bees and beekeeper’s livelihoods are all in danger.  Mead can directly help the bee population grow, offer more foraging lands, create wider biodiversity and ultimately help the earth thrive.  While making the best alcoholic beverage possible from honey we are transforming the beekeeping industry, restoring the health of our soil, preserving rainforests and reversing climate change. Become a part of this regenerative drinking movement, with every sip you are helping to heal the earth and the bees!

The Magical Ingredient

  • The is no mead without honey.
  • Mead takes honey to the next level, making an alcoholic beverage that is worthy of an offering to the Gods.
  • To make the best meads, we are seeking out the best elements of the best honeys we can find. Much of a honey’s flavor is derived from the plants that the nectar is collected from.  Honey can be fruity, spicy, floral, robust, with notes of toffee or caramel.  Honey can be dynamic and surprising.
  • Honoring that underappreciated reality, we are taking our mead making and your mead drinking in wild and unexpected directions. While we aim for some level of consistency, our creations will vary year to year, based on the honey the bees produce and our production processes, making this unique and mythical experience of mead so unique and enjoyable.